Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brighton Turns 2!

I'll just start by saying it's pretty hard coming up with a party idea
for a boy when it's freezing outside... 
With that said, Bright loves "shishy's"(fishies). 
He also loves "fphwimming"(swimming)
So I decided we'd do a Fishy Party with swimming at the indoor Lehi pool afterward. 
I searched the web & found hardly anything relating to fish parties or things of that nature, so I'm proud to say that most of this came from my brain, which is hard to do in a week's time. 
It was a lot of hard work & last minute planning, but we think it turned out darling!

I made a swim trunk banner out of cardstock, just threw it together, but I think it turned out cute.

Brighton's cute little fishy cake. 

This is the spread.

My awesome Mom made some Poms for the party & then we hung fishy's between them. 

"Sea Foam", Also known as Lime Sherbet with Sprite. Delish. 

"Spikeless Sea Urchin's" These were just little Cutie oranges.

"Sea Sponge" Ha, we were at Costco & I was looking for something Blue to go in my large Apothecary, Rice Krispy Treats it was!

"Submarines" These were SO yum, we did Ham & Swiss and Turkey & Cheddar. I bought the bread from Jimmy Johns.

Ok these cookies were a labor of love for sure. I'd never used royal icing to "flood" cookies before. It's easy enough to do, it just takes a lot of time. After the icing dried over night, I piped little fish on with buttercream frosting. They were super yummy & I thought they were really cute. However, it was torture for Brighton throughout the whole process, he just wanted "fsome cookies".

"Inner Tubes" These things disappeared quick!

Here's my darling birthday boy.  His shirt is from Next Direct, all their clothes are darling. Then I just put his black & white stripe shirt underneath since it's Winter! Super cute.

Brighton blowing out the candle with Dad. 

Brighton & Daddy

Brighton & Great Grandpa Brown

Brighton opened a present from our good friends the Harris' and it was a toy motorcycle. That became the end of opening more presents. He's still obsessed with it. Aaron and I got him the cutest baby Toms shoes & a Hot Wheels track that attaches to the wall. He got some other great stuff too. 

My Mom & Dad were so great to let us throw the party at their house. They helped out soo much & my Dad even put together all the sandwiches. So awesome! 
Thank you to everybody that came! We love you!